Should I rent a Photo Booth for my wedding reception?

Should I rent a Photo Booth for my wedding reception?

The often-asked question in wedding planning. From my experience, it’s definitely worth the price of ‘FUN’ for any wedding reception.

This question never gets old, no matter the year, or size of the reception. Your family and friends will want instant memories of your celebration; and if your photo booth has an email or cellphone delivery system, they will want to share the fun on social media.  It also captures a lot of special, silly moments missed by your photographer. Look for options like type of booth (open-air vs enclosed), custom prints, delivery system (instant prints, email, cellphone), online photo gallery, space (photo booth footprint) needed, etc.., that best fits your celebration and group.

An Open-Air Photo Booth is small in size, but big on fun. It usually comes with an attendant, prints out the photos quickly for everyone in the booth, and the template (frame around the photo) is customized for your big day. Given COVID restrictions, because it’s ‘open-air’ there are no enclosures, so it adds a level of safety. Another selling point, because of the ‘openness’ of the booth, it can fit up to 25 people in a single frame. Lots of fun there.

A Selfie Photo Booth is great if you’e not sure if you’re guests will use or you have a small reception. The photos are instantly delivered via email or cellphone, and like the open-air booth, the frame around the photo is customized. It has lots of fun options like GIFs and Boomerang, and all the photos feed into an online photo gallery. The footprint is small, your guests choose when to use it, and the cost is usually less than the Open-Air.

The latest trend to offer a big bang to wedding celebrations, is the 360 Video/Photo Booth . Not only does it take quick, 5-10 second videos of your family and friends ‘shaking their groove thang’ on the platform, but the camera circles around them for 360 degrees of sheer giggling fun. Additionally, some 360 booths have cool color filters, templates, and dynamic animations. This is sure to generate a lot of ‘not-to-miss’ fun moments. The videos are uploaded to your custom gallery, and shared with a QR Code, so your guests have immediate access and the ability share on social media.

Photo booths are a great addition to any party, but especially for a wedding reception. So rent a photo booth for your celebration now and don’t regret it later.

Remember, our booths offer Smiles for every occasion, Fun in every snap, Memories in every share. Let us make your celebration memorable.

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